Meet Deborah Espinosa:  attorney at law, photographer at heart.

For me, visual storytelling is an advocacy tool.  I focus on the strength and dignity present within individuals and communities to create images and stories of hope and impact that can be leveraged to influence policy makers and secure greater support for global justice efforts.   

My work has appeared in The Chronicle of PhilanthropyForeign AffairsHarvard International Review, O Magazine, and The New York Times, among other publications, and exhibited in group and solo shows in Seattle and San Francisco. My work is currently in a 10-year exhibit celebrating the international Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  

While serving as Staff Photographer for the international NGO Landesa, I also produced and/or participated in the creation of several short films: 

Elders Speak: A New Dawn for Women in Kenya,

A Revolution from the Ground Up, and

This is My Land: Rwanda.   

My visual storytelling services leverage my 13+ years of experience in global justice efforts. Check out my bio on LinkedIn.