Collective Trauma and Creativity: Pregnant with Possibility

This post originally appeared at Her Blueprint, a blog of the Global Fund for Women.  

Once again, a small African country has erupted in violence. This time in Burundi, mainly young men are in the streets, protesting the president's run for a third, five-year term, despite the two-term constitutional limit. The government has banned the protests, calling the protesters "terrorists." So far, 12 people have been killed, according to protesters, although the government claims only six people have died. Last week's constitutional court decision, ruling the president's third term as constitutional, was met with cynicism, as it is widely believed that the Constitutional Court is under the thumb of the president. Four of the seven court judges, including the Vice President of that court, have fled the country. 

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"Art" as a shadow on a concrete floor. Copyright Deborah Espinosa.